KEF T301 Satellite Speakers (Pair)

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The KEF T301s are versatile speakers that don't compromise on sound.

High quality KEF sound
Despite being super-slim, the KEF T301 speakers still sound remarkably full-bodied. The two and a half-way design features two ultra-low profile midrange units matched to a high performance, aluminium tweeter. Larger than the T101 model, the T301s deliver a larger, more forceful sound that particularly suits bigger rooms and higher volume levels. These slim speakers also 'image' the sound well, meaning you get a 'wall of sound' effect from just a pair of speakers.

Super-flat speakers

We're used to flat TVs but now you can get quality flat KEF speakers to match. With a depth of just 35mm, these speakers can be placed next to any flatscreen TV and not look out of place.

Place on the wall or on stands
With built-in keyhole slots, the speakers hang on the wall as easily as a picture. If you'd prefer to place them on shelves, desktop stands are also supplied with the speakers.

Perfect as part of a home cinema system
Although these speakers are ideal for stereo sound in a secondary room, they're also perfect when used in a surround sound system. With matching rears, centres and subs available from KEF, you can build a complete, super-flat speaker system to suit your system and room.

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