Surround Speakers

Passive speakers suitable for use as surround speakers in a home cinema system driven by an AV amplifier/receiver. Surround speakers are a crucial part of any home cinema speaker setup and will give you an immersive surround sound listening experience.

Creating an optimal home cinema experience necessitates careful consideration when selecting passive surround speakers for use with an AV amplifier or receiver. These speakers play a pivotal role in delivering immersive surround sound, contributing to the overall audio ambiance of your home entertainment system.

Surround speakers can be installed in various positions including, in-ceiling and in-wall so no matter your room layout there are options to suit. Many speakers are specifically designed for surround speaker positions. To ensure a harmonious audio environment, it is advisable to choose surround speakers that seamlessly integrate with the main front speakers. Consistency in brand and series facilitates a balanced tonal output across all channels, promoting an immersive listening experience.