In-Wall Speakers

In-wall speakers 
offer a more discreet alternative to traditional freestanding speakers. They can provide fantastic performance for both high quality 2-channel music, and multi-channel home cinema systems. In-wall speakers are designed to be installed into stud walls. There are even speakers that you can plaster over for the ultimate discreet installation.

We have an excellent selection of In-wall speakers fit of any type of job & install including a great range of LCR (Left, Centre, Right) speakers, perfect for home cinema applications. LCR speakers mount the driver centrally and work brilliantly as front channels, meaning you can place them horizontally or vertically, LCR's also work great in all positions. Furthermore, our In-wall speakers work brilliantly as Surround channel speakers, most of our versatile models will work in these positions and some are specifically designed to do so, you can of course use any of our In-wall speakers for standard stereo music listening.

PLEASE NOTE: Most in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are designed to utilise the installation cavity as an acoustic enclosure. As a result, this type of open-backed custom install speaker must be installed to achieve optimum performance. Testing them without an enclosure will not allow the speakers to produce their true sound quality.