KEF Ci130QRfl Frameless In Ceiling Speaker (Each)

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The KEF Ci130QRfl is a high quality, round ceiling speaker, flush-mount speaker that’s ideal for discreet sound in smaller rooms.

Quick and easy to install 

One aspect that is shared by all the KEF Ci-Series speakers is their ease of installation. No special skills are required to install the speakers and, once prepped, fitting them is a moment’s work. Once installed, all the speakers share a sleek yet discreet style, making them as unobtrusive as possible. 

fl for flush-mount 

Designed for both new builds and retrofitting, the Ci130QRfl is a flush-mounted, frameless speaker. Ideal for when you want the speakers to be as unobtrusive as possible, the Ci130QRfl is amongst the most discreet speaker option possible. The speaker can be installed as part of the plastering process, and thanks to its frameless design it sits completely flush with the wall or ceiling for a minimalist aesthetic.

Sonically matched for seamless sound 

From the largest in-wall speaker to the tinniest spotlight speaker, all the KEF Ci-Series speakers have been sonically matched. This means that the tonal characteristics of the speakers don’t change as you move around the room or, should you have a multi-room system, around your home. As you’d expect from KEF, the tonal balance favours accuracy and neutrality over excessive exaggeration of the frequency extremes. 

The KEF Ci130QRfl

As part of the QR series, this ceiling speaker features high-grade design and components for audiophile sound quality. The basis of this speaker is a Uni-Q design. Essentially, this involves positioning the treble unit within the throat of the woofer, thus creating a single point source for sound across the frequency spectrum. The end result of this is a broader, more cohesive sound. With the Ci130QRfl, KEF has improved the treble dispersion with a "tangerine" wave guide system. This veined tweeter housing helps the treble integrate more smoothly with the mid-range. With its hi-fi grade 5.25” woofer cone, this speaker will comfortably match most compact stand-mount speakers in terms of dynamics and scale of sound.

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