Sunfire ATMOS XT Series Subwoofer (Each)

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The Sunfire Atmos XT Subwoofer will leave the you wondering how it is possible to generate such low bass from such a compact cabinet.It has been designed to give you the best possible low-frequency sound quality and incorporates a tremendously powerful 1400 Watt built-in amplifier as well as a pair of drivers to produce tight, floor-rumbling bass that you can feel as well as hear. 

It has an automatic equalisation system which will tailor the subwoofer output to compensate for the individual acoustics of any room and offers quite incredible performance, especially for it's tiny size. 

The role of any Surround is to keep the bass driver on the straight and narrow as it moves back and forth. The straighter the driver -- the better the fidelity. To best accommodate the longer throw of the Atmos driver, the Sunfire engineers designed a unique Asymmetrical Cardiod Surround. The ACS got its name because of the varying thickness of the wall of the surround from one side to the other.This means the ACS allows up to 45mm of ‘throw’ with tight, well defined bass that combines extreme output with very low distortion and a quality of sound that is unique to Atmos.

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