SpeakerCraft Profile Cinema Sub 10 Subwoofer (Each)

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Great bass is an integral part of any music or home theatre system. Since the volume of air movement needed to create this effect is substantial, subwoofers with dedicated enclosures and amplification have become a necessary component in all high-performance systems.

The drawback has been aesthetics. Subs are big and bulky. Most systems are designed with the subwoofer tucked into a corner, inevitably to be used as a plant stand. Building your subwoofer into the fabric of its environment eliminates this problem. Allow your subwoofer to blend into the décor with the rest of the speakers

SpeakerCraft have optimized subwoofer performance by carefully designing each bass driver, cabinet, and amplifier as a single system. The final result is an in wall subwoofer that performs like its floor standing equivalent.

In-wall subwoofers typically comprise of three parts; the subwoofer driver (speaker) itself, an in-wall sound enclosure to contain the sound and reinforce the lower frequencies (although it is possible to create one within the wall during construction), and an amplifier to provide power – AV receivers don’t provide an amplified output for subwoofers.

Cinema Sub 10 System:

  • Cinema Sub 10 System
  • Cinema Sub 10 – Subwoofer speaker driver
  • Accutune Box 10 – Speaker enclosure (to be integrated into the wall)
  • Bass power 250 - Subwoofer Amplifier (to provide the power from an AV receivers pre-amplified sub output)
  • for SpeakerCraft Profile Cinema Sub 10 Subwoofer

  • for: SpeakerCraft Profile Cinema Sub 10 Subwoofer

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