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Orb Audio Mini-T Amplifier (Each)

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***This is a discontinued product***

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Orb Audio's tiny (102 x 102 x 26mm ) Mini-T amplifier brings sound to almost any TV, computer or mobile device. Features include 2 analogue audio inputs, 5V USB power for an audio receiver such as a Bluetooth streaming device, Google ChromeCast or Amazon Echo Dot as well as a subwoofer output. 

This tiny amp is a great way to get sound from your TV, computer, tablet or phone into some better quality speakers and must be the most competent micro amplifier we've ever come across. It is an excellent solution for basic audio needs and matches very well with most TVs, computers, tablets and mobile devices. 

It is suitable for multi-room audio applications using multiple amplifiers and Wi-Fi receivers such as the Google ChromeCast, and is compatible with the Amazon Echo Dot for voice control.

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