KEF E301 Satellite Speakers (Black-Pair) - Limited Special Offer

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KEF E301's are high-end home theatre satellite speakers featuring KEF's acclaimed Uni-Q driver. The E301 bookshelf speaker was designed as a single, perfectly balanced system with the crossover, cabinet and driver all working together to create clear, defined sound.

One speaker, many uses
The KEF E301 is a versatile speaker that’s as equally happy in a desktop stereo system as it is in a full multi-channel, surround sound home cinema system. For a more powerful sound, simply add your choice of subwoofer.

Room-filling sound
Using KEF’s signature Uni-Q driver array, the E301 gives a much wider and more focused sound than similar speakers with conventional drivers. Positioning the treble unit in the middle of the woofer creates a single point source for sound across the frequency range, giving that broad spread of sound these speakers excel at.

Timeless design
Affectionately known as KEF ‘eggs’, the E301 are the latest in a long line of stylish satellite speakers. Available in black or white, with a sleek silver stand, the innovative design looks as eye-catching as ever. Just as importantly, the unique design also helps the sound quality. The shape creates low diffraction and resonance, keeping the sound clean and undistorted.

Sound precision
The "tangerine" waveguide system incorporated around the tweeter helps the treble integrate more smoothly with the mid-range. Likewise, the Z-Flex woofer surround gives superior cone control, helping it blend seamlessly with the treble unit for an even and consistent sound. When combined, this technology gives a smooth and natural sound.

Flexible positioning
Supplied with elegant metal desktop stands, the E301s are easy to place. Better still, the beautifully engineered stands swivel to become flexible wall brackets.

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