Dali Sub E-12 F Subwoofer (Each)

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The launch of the DALI SUB E-12 F marks a new stage of what is possible at this level of subwoofers.The new subwoofer from DALI features a 305mm woofer, capable of moving plenty of air with power and precision. The cone is made from pure aluminium for maximum stiffness. Furthermore, the heavy magnet system wields a massive 4-layer, long-stroke voice coil. All in all, the heavy-duty abilities of this “motor system” ensure that the bass driver always follows the signal from the amplifier.The heart of this subwoofer is a 170W RMS Class D amplifier with a highly linear response. The result is a powerful, well-balanced bass reproduction and flawless integration with your speakers. In addition, the integrated limiter helps protect your subwoofer against an overload.The back plate of SUB E-12 F features controls for volume adjustment, phase, and upper cut-off frequency, while the power onoff function works automatically via signal detection. LFE or Line inputs are also supported.The Dali SUB E-12 F is elevated from the floor by an aluminium base, while a down-firing bass port allows positioning directly against a wall. The front grille is mounted by magnets only – and when removed, the visual appearance changes from discreet to extravagant as the pure aluminium cone is revealed.The Dali E-12F is available in Black Ash, White and Light Walnut finishes.

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