Sonos By Sonance 8 Inch Ceiling Speakers

Sonos By Sonance 8 Inch Ceiling Speakers

A long time coming..

After a few years of just one 6 inch model in their ceiling speaker offering, Sonos have decided to size up with a larger 8 inch drive ceiling speaker. Being one of the most popular ceiling speakers on the market, the Sonos By Sonance 6 inch ceiling speaker was a fantastic addition to Sonos' already huge product lineup back in 2019. The speaker, built in collaboration with American HiFi brand Sonance, was part of Sonos' premium architectural release, along with in wall & outdoor speakers. The ceiling speaker to this day, offers excellent performance and clarity, it uses a 6 inch polypropylene driver and when used with the Sonos Amp unlocks Trueplay™, an intelligent feature which fine-tunes your speakers based on the environment. The 8 inch model was only a matter of time, Sonos announced it was in direct response to the needs of their installers, the new model comes with a range of performance enhancements.

sonos 8 inch ceiling speakers

Bigger Better Sound

The primary advantage of an 8-inch driver is its larger surface area, allowing the speaker to produce deeper and more powerful low end frequencies. The new 8 inch Sonos ceiling speaker features an enlarged 20cm polypropylene cone with a high-excursion motor for a smoother mid range and excellent low end bass down to 32Hz. The listening area is increased, going from 88 degrees to 100 degrees, this increased area will help the speakers to better fill out rooms. The 8 inch model also incorporates a larger tweeter going from a 1 inch (25mm) tweeter in the 6 inch model to a larger 1.2 inch (30mm) design. In addition, the model uses a newly optimised waveguide which results in a clearer more natural sound, this combined with the larger tweeter will offer better dispersion on the high frequencies. The aesthetics of the in ceiling speaker have remained the same, with the same design both on the speaker and the grille. Trueplay™ is still available with the 8 inch model, this is available when using the Sonos Amp and a mobile with IOS.

sonos 8 inch ceiling speakers

Best With The Sonos Amp

Like the other products in Sonos' architectural range, the new 8 inch ceiling speakers work best when used with the Sonos amp. Using the Sonos Amp will get the most out of your speakers, benefits include overdrive protection and tuning enhancements that deliver a fuller sound and a crisp frequency response. The Sonos Amp and Sonos speaker combination also unlocks Trueplay™, a clever feature which can optimise your speakers performance based on the environment and furnishing in the room by automatically adjusting the EQ to optimal performance. The Sonos 8 inch ceiling speakers have an 8 ohm nominal resistance meaning that 2, 4 or 6 speakers can be used on any Sonos amp at once with no drop off in performance, this is due to the excellent power capabilities of the Sonos Amp.

Sonos Amp


The Sonos By Sonance 8 inch ceiling speaker is a more than welcome addition to Sonos' product lineup and something that many installers and customers had been calling for. Larger drivers are becoming more and more popular on installs and provide a more than substantial enhancement to the overall listening experience. Sonos have taken a great ceiling speaker, and made it even better.

The new Sonos 8 inch ceiling speakers start at £999.00 a pair and are available from May 2024. You can view them on our site here:

Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers By Sonance - 8-Inch (Pair)

We also have set up packages which combine the Sonos amp and the ceiling speakers to give a great level of overall package discount see here:

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