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The SpeakerCraft tradition of innovative design, combined with one of the most extensive engineering efforts in this industry's history, has led to the creation of the patented AIM series of fully directional in-ceiling loudspeakers. Each model can be entirely pivoted towards the listener while remaining discretely recessed behind a flush-mounted grille.

If listening position or tastes change, the speaker can be easily aimed in another direction with a simple push of the hand. SpeakerCraft innovation, excellence in engineering, and American made quality make the AIM series one of the most exceptional loudspeakers ever.

The new AIM Cinema DiPole speaker creates a diffused sound field for the rear channel surround that mimics the array of speakers along the side and back walls of a traditional movie theatre.

Each speaker has two 131mm drivers and two 25mm dome tweeters placed 50 degrees off-axis from each other. Two switchable settings allow the speaker to operate in either a bipole configuration or in opposite polarity as a dipole. In the second position there is a circuit to boost the bass response that is normally lost in dipole mode.

The drivers are mounted in a baffle that has been carefully moulded with graceful curves and angles to avoid any sharp reflections. The result is a piece of acoustic artwork that is impressive in both its style and its performance. Available in three models, the AIM Cinema DiPole has become a classic.


    • Two 131mm Injection Moulded Graphite Cone Bass Drivers with Phase Plugs
    • Two Pivoting 25mm Silk Dome Tweeters
    • Front-Mounted Switch for Bipole or Dipole Configuration
    • Timbre-Matched to All One Series Speakers


    • Colours: White

General Information

  • Speaker Type: In Ceiling, In Wall
  • Application: Installation Speakers
  • Style: Built In
  • Finishes: Matt
  • Construction: Metal, Plastic
  • Finish Colours: White


  • Frequency Range: 55Hz - 20kHz
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Power Handling: 5 - 80 Watts RMS
  • Sensitivity: 89dB


  • Product Width: 235mm
  • Product Depth: 89mm
  • Product Height: 443mm
  • Cutout Dimensions: 397 mm x 190 mm
  • Mounting Depth: 86mm

SpeakerCraft was formed thirty years ago by a group of dedicated individuals with a passion for sound. They have developed a brand based on the ever-expanding need for quality sound in the home. Their credentials today are as the largest supplier of custom installation audio products in the world.

Their efforts earn numerous industry awards for products that bring tomorrow's technology today. They were the first to invent in-wall speaker installation systems that don't require installing brackets, and they have greatly improved the high frequency response of in-ceiling speakers by inventing WavePlane™.

They were first to introduce pivoting tweeters; on some of the latest models even the whole speaker pivots whilst still remaining flush with the ceiling. These innovations help reduce the placement concerns of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

With SpeakerCraft you'll enjoy beautiful interiors without sacrificing sound or quality, and with the comfort of knowing that their speakers carry a lifetime guarantee.