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Graphite [Pair]   79.99

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Speaker stands offer several additional improvements to your bookshelf speakers. Firstly they raise the level of the tweeters to around your ear level, which is a great advantage as it is the high frequencies produced by the tweeters that are most directional. They also dampen the amount of sound transfered to the floor. This reduces the vibrating from the floor and stops the sound reflecting off the floor as much. Aside from these audio advantages speaker stands also offer an aesthetically pleasing look.

The award winning Nexus range of speaker stands offer unparalleled quality at such a low cost. Atacama has always been known for offering customers outstanding value for money and the Nexus is no exception. The complete stand is manufactured from heavy gauge steel and the assembly is made using upgraded high tensile fixings to maintain optimum rigidity. For improved performance, the centre column is designed to be mass loaded with with sand or another dense material while Isolation Gel pads are now included as standard. The top plate is manufactured from 4mm thick steel plate and carpet spikes are included. All four models have identical top and base plates, with optional smaller top plate packs available in two sizes of 130mm wide by 200mm deep, or 130mm wide by 130mm deep.


  • Height 500mm
  • All Nexus now come with cable management as standard via one of the rear support tubes.
  • Available in 4 other sizes
  • 10 premium for Diamond White finish

Atacama first began producing speaker stands in the UK back in 1986 when it was clear that lifting speakers off the ground and mounting them onto a column that was sonically dead vastly improved their performance. It was soon realised that there was also major benefits to be gained by isolating hi-fi equipment in order for its full potential to be achieved. Ordinary domestic furniture did not offer the qualities required and therefore it was necessary to design dedicated furniture products that were aesthetically appealing, but at the same time allow the audio equipment it supports to achieve optimum performance. Since then Atacama has expanded to now offer a comprehensive range of speaker stands, hi-fi and home cinema equipment racks